Guarding Services

We provide property security and guarding services for properties including large-scale estates, luxury residences, shopping malls, office buildings and car parks.  Our senior management and professional security teams possess the security management knowledge and experience catered to different types of properties, and endeavor. We aim to provide professional, quality security services for our clients.


Patrol Car Services

Our company patrol cars shuttle across all districts 24/7 to support site operations.  Apart from routine patrol inspection and equipment transportation, our patrol teams also respond to emergency cases.


Security Training Courses

Our senior management personnel are qualified QAS trainers with solid, practical experience. The company arranges regular internal training courses, such as basic security knowledge, premise patrol, building service knowledge, fire service system knowledge, emergency handling and customer service.


VIP Personal Protection

Our senior management  are registered protection officers with professional bodyguard qualifications. We provide high quality personal protection for VIPs, and provide an important condition for obtaining insurance coverage.


Retail Security

We provide retail shop security guarding services that are crucial to enhancing brand image, loss prevention, and ensuring a safe shopping environment for customers.


Event Security Guarding Services

We provide security guarding services for various large-scale banquets and events, including professional pre-deployment venue risk assessment, security deployment, crowd management and event logistic support. 


Security Systems and Anti-terrorism Consultancy

As part of our comprehensive suite of security  services, we provide anti-theft system  and  anti-terrorism consulting services to our clients. These include anti-theft and surveillance system design and installation, property risk assessment, and advisory for anti-theft and anti-terrorism measures.